2 Things To Think About Before Choosing A Conference Facility

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2 Things To Think About Before Choosing A Conference Facility

27 August 2015
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As you plan that upcoming business conference, you might imagine building relationships with potential investors, impressing clients, and bonding with your team. However, before you do all of that, you need to select a venue for your get-together. Here are two things to think about before choosing a conference facility, so that your meetings will be successful:

1: Image

In business, you only have a moment to make a strong impression. In fact, research has shown that people tend to make up their minds about a situation within about seven seconds. Although your choice of venue might not seem like a crucial decision, that building might say a lot about your choices, your brand, and your taste level. Here are a few things you should look for in a conference facility, so that you can protect your company's image:

  • Neighborhood: After you find a venue that you like, drive through the area during different parts of the day. If your building is nestled in a seedy part of town, keep shopping. Instead, look for a neighborhood where your clientele and potential business partners would feel comfortable and safe.
  • Interior Finishes: Carefully inspect the interior finishes of different conference centers. How is the condition of the carpet, walls, and furniture? When was the last time the interior was updated? Look for things like scuff marks and upholstery wear. If the building looks well cared for, it might create a more professional atmosphere.
  • Design: Don't forget to pay attention to the interior design of the conference center. Look at things like décor, wallpaper, and chair design. If you are marketing a high-end, state-of-the-art product, cheesy floral wallpaper might make your products seem cheaper than they are. Instead, look for a neutral, professional interior design scheme that will let your business shine.

Before you decide on a venue, think carefully about the image you want to portray. Is your company young and modern or nostalgic? Try to find a venue that mirrors your personal sense of style and professionalism, so that you can send the right signals to potential business partners.

2: Building Amenities

During your business conference, you might spend long hours in the boardroom making deals and ordering products. Unfortunately, if your conference center is lacking key building amenities, you might end up frustrated. Here are a few amenities you should check for:

  • High Speed Internet Access: Sure, that building might have Wi-Fi, but how fast is the connection? Compare your normal office Internet speeds with the conference venue, so that you know what you will be working with.
  • Equipment: Check to see if the conference facility offers equipment such as projectors, fax machines, and conference calling systems. While some buildings have these systems available for guests, others ask that you bring your own.  
  • Refreshments: If the conference venue offers refreshments, check to see if they can accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions. You wouldn't want to offend that business partner who is a vegan. If possible, taste the refreshments to check the quality beforehand. A chilled glass of cucumber water might send a better message than a lukewarm bottle of the off-brand stuff.
  • Proximity to Restaurants: Sometimes, business deals get made at the pub after the work hours end. Check to see how close conference venues are to bars and restaurants. In addition to giving your people more meal options, it will also give folks a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.

To make sure that conference center will work for you, see if you can find online reviews of the facility or talk with other professionals who have used it. Others may be able to offer insights that can help you to plan your event.

By choosing the right conference facility, you might be able to keep people comfortable, so that they can focus on the business side of things. For more information on conference center facilities, follow the link in this sentence.

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