Host A Small Country-Themed Wedding Reception On Your Farmland

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Host A Small Country-Themed Wedding Reception On Your Farmland

27 June 2017
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If you and your partner own a parcel of farmland that has a stable and horses on it and you and your significant other will be tying the knot this summer, a small country-themed wedding reception that features your farmland and horses will provide your guests with a sneakpeek of your every day life and will alllow them to appreciate the land that you are accustomed to spending time on. The following tips will assist with planning a country-themed reception that is unique and enjoyable for all who attend. 

Offer The Opportunity To Ride Horse Or Prepare A Demonstration

Brush and groom your horses prior to the wedding and reception. If you are pressed for time, hire a farmhand to assist with caring for the animals. Saddle the horses if they have been broken in and are suitable for riding on throughout the farmland. Lead several horses into an enclosed pen on your land. During the reception, provide each guest with the opportunity to take one of the horses for a ride. You and your spouse should remain nearby so that you can assist people with getting their horses to follow their lead.

If your horses have never been ridden before or are only accustomed to you and your partner riding on them, prepare a simple demonstration that involves you leading the horses around an enclosure or over small hurdles. Explain to your guests how long you have owned your horses and any training sessions that you have completed since becoming a horse owner. 

Plan A Buffet That Includes Dishes Made WIth Fresh Crops

If you grow fruits and vegetables on your land or raise farm animals that produce milk and cheese, use the crops and products that you have on hand to create appetizers and main courses for a country-style buffet. Tossed salad, vegetable casseroles, fruit pies, and a spread of cheese and crackers are some items to consider adding to the buffet.

Set up a canopy to on your land and place several tables and chairs underneath the covering. Arrange a spread of food across one of the tables. Supply your guests with dinnerware prior to inviting them to select items from the buffet. 

Hire A Local Band And Set Up A Dance Area

Interview local bands that play country music before choosing to hire one of the musical groups. A band that has members who play fiddles, guitars, or harmonicas will complement the country-themed atmosphere. Clear a portion of your property to be used as a dance floor. Outline the dance area with pieces of rope that are secured to wooden posts. Wind a few strings of lights around the rope pieces. If you and your guests will be dancing when it is dark outside, turn on the lights so that dancers will be supplied with plenty of visibility.

If you like the idea of a country wedding but don't have a farm, or the time to get your farm ready, there are several wedding venues, such as The Nests BnB and Events, that can provide a quaint country wedding for you without the hassle. 

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