Milestone Achievements: Corporate Events That Celebrate Success

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Milestone Achievements: Corporate Events That Celebrate Success

26 April 2017
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Every milestone is important to the success of a business and deserves to be celebrated. Events are commonly held when companies reach a specific anniversary, attain a certain level of profit, or successfully market a unique product or service. Whenever a goal is met, it needs attention to help encourage employees and let clients know. A corporate event needs to match the milestone in quality and excitement. Here are three ways to celebrate with events designed specifically for the people that keep companies profitable. 

Thanking the Employees

Pamper employees with spa services on the day of the event. Include a team-building activity that everyone will want to do. Consider a city-wide scavenger hunt or a zombie apocalypse the teams must survive to win. These allow the employees to have a day off while still being creative and perfecting their communication skills. Or, use the celebration as a way to give back by making the event a day of community service. Operate a soup kitchen, build an addition to a local animal shelter, or clean up a park or a local waterway. Always include a catered dinner, music, and plenty of special gifts and awards so every employee knows their contribution mattered. 

Impressing the Clients

Throw an event that will be remembered for years. Clients do not need motivational speakers or long presentations about the company. Make their event fun and exciting. Plan an engaging party that will keep them entertained from start to finish. Hire celebrity lookalikes to mingle through the crowd. Stage shows like magic acts, music and comedy are all popular options. Do not forget the goodie bags either. Promotional items should be more than pens and t-shirts. Consider fine wine or liqueurs with specially branded labels, phone covers, or leather bags and passport covers. 

Rewarding the Executives

Many executives view corporate events as days of endless meetings and seminars. When the point is to reward rather than inform, it must be much more interesting. Take the team on an adventure. There are whitewater rafting trips, ropes courses in tropical settings and jungle camping excursions that are still luxurious but take people away from what is familiar to them. 

Corporations hold many formal events to display their prowess in the industry. A milestone celebration is very different. If done properly it will still provide some valuable entertainment and impress others but it should always focus on rewarding those that have helped make the milestone possible. For more information or help planning your event, contact a professional service such as Andy Mirkovich Productions, Inc.

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