Hosting An Eco-Friendly Special Event: Four Helpful Tips

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Hosting An Eco-Friendly Special Event: Four Helpful Tips

30 October 2018
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Whether you are planning a wedding or a special birthday celebration, you may be concerned about having a more positive impact on the environment at your event. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make this happen with a little help from a special event service. Here are a few ideas to consider as you plan your next big event.

Compostable Plating

While disposable plates, cups, and silverware can be great for easy cleanup, they can be hard on the environment. If you don't want to pay for renting fine china, consider compostable plating options instead. Compost-ready plates and silverware are typically crafted from organic materials and are safe for use in commercial composting setups. You can work with your trash disposal company to have these items sent to commercial facility. Be sure to set up recycling bins where your compost-ready items can be separated from other trash.

Paperless Invites

You can save time and money while doing something good for the environment by choosing paperless invites. Event pages on social media or online invitation websites can make it easy to invite a large number of guests without having to worry about going to the printers or paying for postage. You can have a custom design created for you, or you can opt for customizable online templates to give your event a special look. If you are planning a wedding, consider purchasing a website you can use for invitations, event updates, and photo uploads.

Reusable Beverage Containers

Instead of handing out bottled water at your event, consider setting up beverage stations with pitchers and glasses. This helps reduce waste produced at your event, and it also provides a more sophisticated look. Consider choosing glasses and pitchers that fit your event theme. For a rustic or farmhouse event, jars can serve as great glassware. Martini glasses can add a fun look to modern parties, even if you aren't stirring and shaking up batches of cocktails.

Local, Sustainable Catering

Of course, it's not just the little things that can make your event more eco-friendly. Your choice of caterer can have a big impact on just how green your event is. Look for a caterer that uses sustainable business practices everyday. This includes using locally sourced ingredients from small farms. Ask the caterer how suppliers are chosen to help make the most informed decision possible.

If you don't want to focus on all of these details, hire a special event service to handle them for you. A company that specializes in green events will know exactly what to do to make your day a success. 

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